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CWD Testing
We are currently not sampling for Deer.  Please watch for our sample dates to start Bow Season 2021 in September.

Bow Season: September 2021thru November 20, 2021:
We will offer a 24/7 Head Drop Off Kiosk outside our building and On-Site Lymph Node Extractions by appointment only.  Please call 608-574-0311 for available appointments. 

9 Day Gun Hunt:
We will be offereing a 27/7 Head Drop Off Kiosk outside our Building.  On-Site Lymph Node Extraction will be offered during designated hours listed below.  Please note, using the head drop off is easy and efficient.  It is easier for me to pull the samples in my own settings within my building.   Please plan on having your head detatched and using our Kiosk.  Samples are still picked up in a timly manner and it is easier for me to keep up with. 
**If you have a buck and are doing a euro mount, bring in for Lymph Node Extraction during the In Person Lymph Node Extration Times Below: 
Opening Weekend- CLOSED- We will not be offering any in-person lymph node extraction these days! 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10:00AM-2:00PM
Closed Thanksgiving
Closing Weekend- 10:00AM-2:00PM 
**If you are doing a shoulder mount, see your taxidermist first.  He will provide you with your caped out head for drop off.  

***Again, using the Kiosk is highly encouraged.  I still take the samples out and send them into the lab on time.  It is just easier for me to keep up with! Thank you for your help making it easier for me to continue to offer this service!!    

December and January Seasons:
We will only be excepting heads at our 24/7 Head Kiosk outside our building.

Some Helpful Tips for Sampling with Kate's Bait:

The lymph Nodes that we extract are the Retropharyngeal Lymph Nodes located in the neck of the deer near the jaw line. Please do not shoot the deer in the head or upper neck if you plan on having the deer tested. Also, if you slit the throat of the deer to finish off a kill, please be sure to do so well below the jawline.  Disrupting the glands makes testing impossible.  These glands are the only glands we are testing.  Do not bring in brains, legs, hoves or other parts of the deer for sampling.  

Prepping heads for Drop Off at the Kiosk:
Heads should be cut off about 1/2 to 1 inch below the jaw line of the neck.  Deer brought in outside the designated gland extraction times should have the heads already cut off.  The desk workers at Kate's Bait will not be taking the heads off for you.

Helpful Tips for Sampling:
If doing a Euro Mount and bringing in the whole deer, please be sure to have your deer turned so the head of your deer is on the tail gate of your truck. Please note if you are not doing a Euro Mount, plan on just bringing in your head to leave at our Kiosk.  

If you are planning on taking your deer to the taxidermist- Take it there FIRST and then have your taxidermist give you the caped out head.  Then drop off at Kate's Bait & Sporting Goods for sampling.  Different from years past, we will be cutting at the jaw line for all lymph node extractions.  The Brain of the deer is no longer submitted for sampling.  

If you are bringing a deer in on a trailer, it MUST be easily accessable and untied from the trailer or ATV.
Deer on top of vehicle must be taken down for sampling to occur. 
Deer inside vehicles (vans or cars) must be easily accessiable by KB Staff.  If not, you may be asked to take the deer out.  Also, please remember that the sampling process is bloody.  Kate's Bait will not be responsible for any blood that gets in your vehicle.

Please remember, this is a free service to the hunter and Kate's Bait & Sporting Goods is happy to continue to offer this service.  A lot of deer are sampled during the season at Kate's Bait.  Following these tips will not only greatly improve how many deer Katie can get through in a day but also cut down on some of the unnessasary issues that comes from not easily accessible deer. 

All samples are picked up by the DNR on Tuesday Mornings each week and taken to the lab.  Turn-around times will be determined by the DNR and can be referenced by the CWD# Kate's Bait provides each hunter.  To check the progress of your sample, Google "WI CWD Results" and enter your CWD Barcode #. 

Any further questions regarding the sampling process can contact Katie directly at 608-574-0311.  If you have questions specific to CWD or your test results, call the DNR Customer Service Hotline at 1-888-936-7463