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Kate's Bait & Sporting Goods is the areas CWD Sample Site.  We are a Lymph Node extraction site.  We have shorter fall store hours so we provided designated Lymph Node extraction times along with 24 hour head drop offs.
The lymph Nodes that we extract are the Retropharyngeal Lymph Nodes located in the neck of the deer near the jaw line.  Deer that are brought in during the designated extraction hours we be cut in the neck, the glands removed and the hunter will take the whole deer with them when they leave.  At the time of the visit, each hunter will fill out neccessary sampling data to be submitted with the glands. 

In-Person Lymph Node Extraction Hours will be available during the following times (please note that the store is open longer on the weekends but 8-1 on Saturdays is when a trained person will be available for taking out the nodes- head drop offs will be available outside this time):
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 2:00PM-5:00PM
Saturdays 8:00AM-1:00PM
(Longer hours will be available during the nine day gun hunt and the website will be updated with those times then)

Between Extraction Hour Deer Head Drop Offs:
Head Drop Offs can be done at any time.  The lymph nodes will be extracted during the designated time.  When cutting the head off, please do so leaving about 3 inches of neck so that the glands are left undisturbed and will be easy to get to.  If you shoot your deer in the head or slit the deers throat, you will risk not being able to have your deer tested.  If the nodes are damaged in during the kill, no test will be able to be preformed. 
During store business hours, our desk clerks will be able to help you fill out the neccessary paperwork to be submitted with your sample.  At that time they will provide you with a testing reference number. 
Store hours are: Monday, Thursday &  Friday 9AM-5PM, Saturday 8AM-4PM and Sundays 8AM-2PM

If you wish to drop a head off between business hours, you may do so by bringing your head to the store.  To the left of the door will be a Kiosk Station for you to bag your head, fill out a tag and leave it.  Heads from this Kiosk will be collected daily and sampling will be done during the designated times.   Katie will call each hunter and gather the rest of the neccessary information needed for submitting the sample.  At that time, Katie will also provide the hunter with a CWD reference Number. 

All samples will be submitted to the DNR Lab on Mondays.  Turn-a-round times will be determined by the DNR and can be referenced by the CWD# Kate's Bait provides each hunter. 

Any further questions regarding sampling can contact Katie directly at 608-574-0311

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