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Upcoming Events & Contests

Chili Cook Off and Fall Festival- October 14th
Chili Cook Off- Noon
Participants and attendee judges needed!
To Enter a Chili $10 (prizes and trophies), To be an attendee judge $1 (purchases a judging card)  Chili's will be brought to Kate's Bait warm and ready to serve before noon on the day of the event.  At noon, the elected panel of judges will taste test each Chili to determine the Chili Master Award.  When they are finished with their testing, the public attendees will then get their turn to taste test and vote for their favorate dish determining the Peoples Choice Award.  Awards will be announced when the taste testing is complete by both groups, possibly around 2:30pm.  Email Katie at katesbait@frontier.com to sign up to compete or call her at 608-574-0311

Live Music will be provided by Ethan Cox, the lead singer of Black Water Gin through out the event.

Kids Events Games will happen through out the afternoon, weather permitting.

Trunk or Treat and the KB Haunted Village- around 2:30pm
We are going to start this portion of the event off with a Halloween Costume Parade around the parking lot.  Prizes are handed out for the most creative.
Attendees are invited to decorate the trunk of their vehicles and participate in the Trunk-or-Treat handing out candy or trinkets of your choice to the kids as they make their rounds.  There will also be an award for the Best Voted Trunk so get creative.
The Haunted/Fall Village is put on by other businesses of the community.  Participating businesses select one of the many Old Hickory Buildings that I have for sale on my lot and make it into a haunted house or little shop for folks to visit and trick or treat at.  We did this two years ago and had awesome reviews from the crowd.  Not only is this fun for the guests but it also provides free advertising to their business along with a chance to promote and sell some of their own products.  If you are a business that would like to participate, please email Katie as soon as possible to save a spot at katesbait@frontier.com or call 608-574-0311

Vendors are also welcome to set up a table in the parking lot promoting or selling a product.  Contact Katie if you are interested in a space.  

Raffles, Door Prizes, Food, Drinks, Fall Games, Great Music and an awesome bake sale will also take place at the event.  Don't miss out! Plan on spending the day at Kate's Bait & Sporting Goods October 14th from Noon-4:30pm.

Whitetail Challenge- 2018 9 Day Gun Deer Hunt
Huge Raffle.  Many ways to enter.  Stay tuned for more details!

January 19, 2019- Kate's Bait Ice Fishing Derby

This event will run in 1-2 person teams for the Pan Fishing Tournament with a $10 per person entry fee which includes snacks and dinner after the event.  Kids under the age of 15 will be FREE and will have their own category and prizes.  The memory maker award will be open to open to anyone.  It will be a $5 side pot entry for Walleye, Pike and Bass.  Details on the memory maker rules are below.

Pan Fishing Tournament
          MOST PAN FISH ( teams BEST stringer of 10) Award 1st-3rd
          Largest Pan Fish - 1 Prize
         Smallest Pan Fish -1 Prize
Memory Maker Awards-
         1 prize for each:
         Largest Bass, Walleye & Pike

Contestants must register at Kate's Bait & Sporting Goods (3916 State Hwy 23, Dodgeville) prior to the event OR between 6AM-11AM the day of the event, Saturday January 19th.  If your team is registered prior to Saturday, January 19th, you will not need to check in the day of the event.  You can begin to fish right away.  The designated fishing time for this event will be 6AM-3PM, 1/19/18. Fish must be caught between the designated fishing time.  One or both team mates MUST be back to Kate's Bait for weigh-in's by 3PM SHARP to qualify for fish prizes.  Once you get back to the store, head to the register and get a weigh-in ticket.  At 3:01PM tickets will no longer be handed out.  You must have a weigh-in ticket to get weighed in. Contestants may fish ANY BODY OF WATER THEY choose between the designated fishing time set. Contestants are responsible for their own saftey and for having a clear understanding of the rules and regulations set by the DNR for the particular body of water being fished. 

Once weighed in, contestants can head to Pleasant Ridge Store/Bar & Grill (4948 CTY Z, Dodgeville) for the Derby after party- Food, drinks and prize announcements.

Memory Maker Rules-
This event is a picture event.  Each team/individual participating will be assigned a number.  If pre-registering, the number will be sent to you via phone or email right before the competition starts.  Anglers are to take a picture of the fish being submitted next to a ruler and include the team number in the photo.  Photo's are texted throughout the day to 608-574-0311 and will include the actual measurement & spieces of the fish.  The memory maker awards is open to Walleye, Bass and Pike.  Since it is not nesseccary to keep the fish for weigh in's, any sized fish can be submitted.  This is a fun event and is meant to preserve some of these great game fish that sometimes wouldn't be kept if werent for a tournament. I will print the pictures for viewing at the derby party.  One prize for each- largest Walleye, Bass and Pike.

The kids event is FREE and open to all kids under the age of 15.  All kids will recieve a prize.  A special prize will be awarded to the child with the largest fish of the day.  This will run as a picture event as well.  Parents or Chaperones can text pictures throughout the day of the child holding their fish to 608-574-0311.  Please include the speices and measurement.


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